Beautiful Space. Happy Customer.

There’s nothing better than hearing from a happy customer!  Can’t you just imagine this patio filled with friends and family, sitting around the fire celebrating life in the years to come? What a beautiful thing we were able to play a part in!  

Beetle Mania

How do you know if you have Japanese Beetles? You’ll see damaged plant material, often on rose bushes, flowering plants, and ornamentals. You’ll see leaves that look like a doily/netting as these very hungry insects eat leaf tissue around the vein structure. If you are …

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Vale Church Project

As Vale Church heads into the second weekend in their new building, we wanted to share some before and after pictures of some of the landscaping we’re doing there! We love to see our new plants, bushes and flowers grow alongside of this great Church! We’ll continue …

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Puddling Problems

It’s absolutely adorable to see kids playing in those puddles, but if you have puddling/pooling water in your yard, make sure you take the following steps to protect your home and your property from damage. • Bury gutter downspouts to get water flowing away from …

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