Water Features for Beauty and Healthy Living

Isn’t this elegant fountain gorgeous!

We love the sleek stones and modern cascade of the water, not to mention the ambient lighting it offers for this outdoor patio area. We worked with the client to create this dramatic impact and it turned out beautifully.
Water features are valued for their aesthetics, of course, but they also offer several other powerful benefits.
💧Watching water flow has a positive impact on blood pressure and heart rate. Research has shown that having water nearby helps lesson pain when one is healing. Isn’t that amazing!
💧Water also reduces noise pollution by absorbing other sounds, while simultaneously producing its own calming tones. Running water doesn’t just cover up unpleasant sound, it actually lessens it. If you live by a road or airport (or just have noisy neighbors), this can be invaluable.
💧Everyone loves a water feature. Whether you are planning to sell your home someday or just want to create a gathering place for friends and family, waterfalls and fountains get attention and add value.
You’ll also find that water features are more economical to install and maintain than you might think. Reach out if you would like to add a little peace and quiet and a LOT of pizzazz to your outdoor living space.